Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, and More Boobs


Today started out as many days do.  Get up, get ready and go to work.  Yep, I consider that a good day.  (Not to be confused with an extremely f-n great day which consists of nothing besides laying on the beach drinking mojitos at 10 am)  So all of that is done.  I am at work finishing up some things from our past weekend of work.  Reports ran and analysis done.  Check and check.  Lunch time rolls around and it is time to go pick out and play with my mom’s new boob.  (She decided after the mastectomy to get a prosthetic boob/bra thingy – not sure of the actual name.)  So we are at Hanger’s (kind of a cute name for a prosthetic boob place huu?  Well they do more.  All kinds of prosthetic things legs, feet, arms, you name it.  I think I like the name better when I thought they just did boobs.) and we are having a good time in the waiting area.  Laughing and carrying on, you know like we’ve never done before this whole cancer thing.  It’s great, my mom and I had a pretty rocky relationship while I was growing up.  Then I grew up and learned some pretty important things and realized why her personality is the way it is.  But now, it’s changed.  She’s changed, I’ve changed.  It’s amazing.  Anyway.  So we go back to the room and she gets measured for symmetry and tries on some bras and different boobs.  Meanwhile, I am sitting in the chair fondling a boob.  A prosthetic boob, not a real one.  Don’t get your hopes up.  Mom is really relaxed and having a good time.  I was pretty excited, not only did I get to pick out my boobs but I got to pick out my moms left boob.  Six years ago when I picked out my boobs I would have never thought that I would ever be picking out a boob for my mom.

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